I had to do something to use my time while being locked down because of the dreaded Corona Virus. Looking to use that time well I decided to give Thumper the once over, checking lights, battery, oil, tyre pressures and all the ususal light maintainence one does before setting off on any trip.
All easily done and well worth the effort. Then I decided it would probably be a good idea to go through my spares and tools that I normally take with me out on the road.
I won’t be stripping tyres off hubs at the roadside or any other large repairs in the case of catastrophic failure but there are minor things that may crop up, so one has to be prepared to a certain limit. I pulled it all out to see what I had packed once a long time ago and luckily have never had to use..
I have some feeler gauges, a multi tool, chain lube, a spare plug, tyre repair goop, bulbs for an indicator and tail/brake light, a double ended screwdriver, an adjustable spanner and an assortment of spanners and some electrical ties. It all fits in the right hand tool box.

Besides this I have a mini pump for tyre inflation which is kept on the crashbar in a purpose built cradle to be used with the goop in the event of a puncture. I have spare fuses too. These are taped to the relevant fuse holders.

I need to get a cable repair kit and a new roll of duct tape.

As I said, I have never needed it so far, but it’s nice to know that one is, at least, a little prepared. I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it….