I suppose I’m not the only one who worries about getting a roadside puncture. I have a can of that liquid puncture repair stuff that one simply squirts into the punctured inner tube through the air valve but how does one re-inflate the tyre? Not wanting to carry a large foot pump with me on my travels I needed something smaller but equally effective. I found it the other day. A cycle pump, almost like the ones available for push bikes. It is really compact, no more than 9 inches long, has a built in pressure gauge and comes complete with a mounting bracket which can be attached to Thumper’s frame. The bracket is great to have as the pump is too long to fit in the tool boxes.

Here it is:

Folded out and ready for use, it looks like this:

I mounted the bracket on the front of the frame with zip ties, allowing room enough to not foul the steering. I had to customize the bracket slightly to let the ties fit securely round it but, all in all, I reckon it turned out very well. It sits discreetly out of the way but is still easily accessible if I ever have the need to use it.