I don’t normally endorse any products I buy. Most are equally as good as the next if one follows the directions on the tin, box or whatever. Occasionally one finds finds something that amazes one though. Such a thing happened today.

I recently switched cars. I traded my old Citroen in for a Volvo. It isn’t a new car by any means, but it is built to last. Anyhow, it has a few scratches on the paintwork. No dents, just small scratches. I went off to buy some scratch remover and the guy at the shop told me to put wax over the repair. Got any wax? I asked. Yes he did, recommending this stuff.

This is Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste wax. Apparently it’s a synthetic polymer wax and is particularly water phobic. I don’t profess to know a water phobic synthetic polymer if I see one, so I took his word for it.

The tin contains an applicator in the lid, a soft towel to polish with and a huge tin of the wax.
It worked on the car, which is a silver grey colour that doesn’t really show a shine other than reflection that one would expect from a grey paint.
So far so good and no surprises.

Having finished with the car, I thought it might be fun to try the wax on Thumper’s lovely big black tank. I normally rub Thumper down after every run so I know he’s clean. While I was there, I got carried away and waxed the mudguards, the fork covers, headstock and lamp and what bits of the frame i could get to and the tool boxes. Wait a few minutes for this stuff to dry, it says on the tin. I did.

Then I started polishing it off.

What a shine! Deep glossy reflections that I could use to shave in. Everywhere. Thumper never polished up like this before. Whoever Meguiar is, he’s a genius. His wax is great!

I won’t be using anything else to polish Thumper with in the future. Thoroughly recommended by yours truly. smiley