After many hours chasing wires and checking connections, I could find no reason for Thumper’s lack of life. Then, in desperation, I connected a battery charger to the bike and lo and behold, power all over the place. I couldn’t really understand this, because the battery was showing me 12V on my meter.
Having voiced my consternation on the usual Hitchcocks forum, someone suggested a new battery may be all that is required.
Well, having tried everything else, what choice did I have?
New battery bought today. Twenty quid or so.
I connected it all up. Put the charger on to top up the new battery and, after an hour, I thought it was time to try and start him.
The usual routine, fuel on, ignition on, set him to run, start help activated. Decompress and turn it all over two or three times. Here goes…

One kick!

That’s all it took. Thumper fired up and barked his thunder for all to hear. Once again, I ran around outside the iShed with arms in the air whooping with delight..
Joy unbounded!
Then a quick roar around the block to check that all is well. It is. Tyre pressures had fallen in the nine months of idleness but otherwise, no problems.

The weather is particularly nice at the moment. It’s going to be a long day on the coast road tomorrow.