No, I haven’t sold him. I’ve built him a new home. Or, rather more to the point, I’ve rebuilt and insulated the shed that he lives in. It’s insulated all round, including the new roof, and it looks great inside.
I need to get a solid floor down to be absolutely done with it but for now, the old shed is looking like a palace inside. Big neon tubes under the ceiling give me some light to work by and I intend to build a workbench at the far end of the shed. I need to get some electricity in there too. At the moment I’m using a very long extension lead.

This is a job I’ve been intending to do for years. I always wanted a workshop and having Thumper to look after just made that all the more imperative.

The whole job has taken some time and not a small amount of money but hey, you can’t take it with you and I reckon it’s well worth the investment. I’m looking forward to getting my larger power tools in there and really getting something done.

Welcome home Thumper.