What with corona virus, my failing back and finally a move away from Copenhagen and out into the countryside, I haven’t been able to do much with Thumper. Corona kept me indoors, my back failed completely last year and I couldn’t get on the machine, let alone ride him and before I really recovered from that we decided to move house.
We have now relocated to a large island southeast of Sealland. Falster, to be precise. The countryside here is wonderful. Rolling but not exactly covered in hills, the roads are of the country variety, which means narrow and winding. The island is more or less agricultural in its entirety with a few large towns around about. The coast is not far away and we have a good stretch of forest to get through and round.
I have been out a couple of times with the bike. I needed to replace the battery (again) which was run down and dead from lack of use, but apart from that I only needed to refill with fuel and oil, which was drained for the move. The removals company insisted on it. I had to remove the old single saddle too. It was falling apart. I may have to do something about that…

I intend to get out and about as often as circumstances allow. This island is not big but it is well connected with A roads and motorway. There is a lot to see. For the moment, I am sticking to the local area to get to know my way around. I don’t mind getting lost here. One hits a coastline sooner or later and from there on, it’s navigation. For now, here’s a picture of Thumper enjoying the local forest at a place called Pomle Nakke, not far from our new residence. Unfortunately, we cannot “green lane” here. One stays on the black stuff or established tracks. Most are blocked for motorcycles and motor traffic.