The clocks went forward this past weekend, which means it’s officially summertime. The weather seems to have turned for the better too so in lovely Spring sunshine, 15°C and a light breeze from the West, I decided to take a day out at the seaside. It’s not really that far away anyway, so why not take a peek?
It was gorgeous. I met a few other bikers on my travels including an elderly gent of 78 years on a chinese chopper. As he said, “I can’t walk that far these days but I can still ride the bike.” Respect to him..

We compared machines. He was impressed with Thumper, I praised his machine. He said he’d had it for five years and has never taken a spanner to it. I told him I have owned Thumper for a year and I’ve made a few moderations. He looked and nodded his approval. “Nice bike.” he said, “I wish it was mine.”

Anyway, we had a good day out, the weather was lovely, Thumper went like the wind and sounded like thunder. This is what life should be like.

Here’s a couple of pictures of Thumper at the waters edge..